Abhinav Raj
3 min readJul 27, 2023

Freelancing is a term that is quite popular among college students. You can generate your side income just by investing your time and skills in the right place. What is freelancing and who is a freelancer? Let’s learn together.


A freelancer is no other than someone who has the flexibility to work on any project he/she wants from any remote location. You are committed to an employer, but not for a long time. As the project ends, you switch the employer for a new project. Basically, you can call yourself self-employed.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

How to start freelancing?

There are a variety of jobs available on the Internet. You’ve got a range to choose from, the key is, you must Master a skill you want to work upon. You should have your projects ready to present to your client. It can be difficult to have your first client but not the first (sample) project. Initially, you can work on anything relevant, to convince your clients about your work and display your credibility. Let’s say you start your carrier as a UI/UX designer. You can design the UI for any current software or application in the market or design your own music player or social media platform.

Tools for freelancing

  1. Google Drive:- You all are aware of this application. This is one of the best cloud storage to store all of your important data.
  2. To Do:- You can have your list of work you would do or set any reminders you need in this.
  3. Grammarly:- This is again one of the best applications you could use to avoid grammar mistakes.
  4. Lastly and most importantly, the software you’ll need to complete your project.

Where to look for clients?

There are numerous applications and websites available where you can look for projects. You can even offer your own package and sign an agreement. It may be on an hourly basis or for the complete project. I can suggest some of the applications for freelancing:-

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. Indeed

How to get your first project?

As I mentioned earlier, it is somewhat relatively difficult to find your first client. I would like to suggest that at the very beginning, agree to work at a lower price or even for free. It would help in attracting some clients and hence projects. Once you start completing projects, you’ll get entry into the market and as your experience increases, you’ll have more clients ready to pay you a high amount.

Sometimes, beginners are also confused about the amount they should charge. I would like to say that you must respect your precious time and charge according to the project. If it takes a few hours or days, look for other freelancers and have an idea of what they charge.


In this world of competition, earning is not as easy as it seems to some of you. You need to grind for every penny. Never overestimate your skills or underestimate it. Also, always focus on improving yourself and your skills. Your skills are your biggest asset and your increasing experience in your field, accompanied by your improving skills, will take you to new heights. At last, I would conclude by saying that, always be practical and focus on learning new things.